The second public information session was held at Snipes Academy of Arts and Design on September 17, 2019, at 5:00pm.

The Public Information Session was intended to inform the public about the progress of the Redistricting Study.  Attendees listened to a presentation provided by the consultant, Cropper GIS.  The presentation included a primer on how the redistricting process works, an update on work completed to date, and an overview of the remaining timeline. The public was then invited to review the the maps and statics related to DRAFT Options 3a and 3b, the DRAFT Options currently under consideration by the committee. The consultant, members of the committee, and member of NHCS staff were available to answer questions. The public was then asked to complete a survey (available here on the website) to provide feedback related to DRAFT Options 3a and 3b.

Materials shared at the meeting include:


Meeting Agenda

PowerPoint Presentation

Large Scale Plot Maps of DRAFT Options 3a and 3b

Large Scale Table Plots (Statistics)